Rabu, 31 Oktober 2007

Jurutera Proses yang hebat

Aku tertarik dengan satu perbincangan dari Eng-Tip, tentang bagaimana nak jadi seorang jurutera Proses yang baik. Disini aku masukkan satu nasihat yang aku rasa paling bagus:
(aku rasa elok aku kekalkannya dalam bahasa english supaya keasliannya terjamin).

here are some general pointers, no particular order:

- Bone up on the processes you're responsible for; learn as much as you can re process chemistry, op conditions, etc.

- Study the PFD's and P&ID's. Walk the plant/area and notate the difference between design/as-built/existing. You've got to know how your area is laid out.

- Get tight with production engineers and operators; they know the process like the back of their hands. Ask questions; why do they do what they do?

- Crawl around/inspect equipment during turnarounds.

- Spend time in the control room/bone up on the DCS. Learn what's monitored and where. Get proficient at extracting process data.

- Get tight with maintenance/instrument tech folks; you'll need sensors calibrated at some point.

- Get proficient doing mass and energy balances for every unit op in the area; you've got to be able to quantify operations and changes/options, etc.
- Locate/extract performance data/equipment specs for all equipment; you'll need them for the M&E bals.

- Pay close attention to physical property data and models; without good/applicable data your sim runs are fantasy.

- Don't neglect the little things; impurities/byproducts can cause headaches even in small amounts.

- Keep as current as you can with the technical literature. A good start is Chem Eng Progress, Hydrocarbon Processing and AIChE Journal. And of course whatever applies to your specific units.

- A zillion other things (or seems like it), safety,hazard analyses, environmental regs/permits; you'll know it when it hits you in the face.

Hope this helps, at least it's a start. Good luck.

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i love to become a process engineer..
perhaps i could hear more advice from u on this things?
i am 2012 spm leaver..